Wendy Lyn is known as the “Insider’s Insider” for her hard-won all-access pass within the international culinary community from working as a PR & Restaurant Consultant for the most notable chefs & restaurants in the world. From conceptualizing restaurants to launching the first US Michelin Guide in NYC – she’s been globetrotting a staggering 200+ days a year on marathon eating & drinking trips in search of the places to eat, right now.

Wendy’s trusted Southern appeal, high-regard for French food & wine and her energetic genuine fun-style, have endeared her to top chefs & industry pros who consider her part of their family.

When this professional eater is not traveling, she takes her food-obssessed clients on her wildly popular/sell out private Paris food tours.

Wendy chronicles her international eating & drinking adventures on her blog Paris Is My Kitchen, Instagram, Food & Wine Magazine, Travel + Leisure, Epicurious and multiple food programs on The Travel Channel.

Her favorite thing to make for dinner is reservations.

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