My name is Wendy Lyn and Paris is literally my kitchen. I eat & drink in her fantastic restaurants for every meal, every single day. My favourite thing to make for dinner is reservations.

As a professional eater who travels the world working with the best in the business (chefs, restaurateurs, journalists, wine makers) – we’ve compared notes from our latest adventures to make a bucket “hit” list for your next road trip.

Since digging through the internet is more overwhelming than helpful – I hope that our curated City Guides helps to cut through the clutter.

The guides and my private food & wine tours are for you food-obsessed travellers who aren’t interested in every place to eat, only the places to eat, right now.

Bon appétit and bonne route!

Who is Wendy?

Restaurant and natural wine-obsessed Wendy Lyn—who shares her black book of addresses on Paris Is My Kitchen is best known as the “Insider’s Insider” for her hard-won access to the international culinary community from working as a PR and restaurant consultant for the most notable chefs in the world conceptualising restaurants and launching the first US Michelin Guide in NYC.

Where is she from?

Originally from the Deep South, Wendy grew up in shrimping & fishing the Gulf of Mexico with her grandfather, worked in marketing at Southern Living Magazine during college and then transferred to London.

How did she discover Paris?

During a weekend in Paris, she “accidentally fell down an Alice in Wonderland rabbit hole and landed at the Mad Hatter’s tea party with all these crazy restaurant characters eating & drinking for 12-hours around a table and was hooked.” Wendy knew “then and there” that she was never going to leave.

She eventually became a food & travel writer/international restaurant consultant eating around the world from South Africa to Denmark to Italy to Cambodia to Russia to Mexico and everywhere in-between. Wendy’s trusted Southern appeal, high-regard for quality food & wine and her energetic genuine fun-style, have endeared her to top chefs & industry pros who consider her part of their family.

Although she is not a chef, Wendy’s job has taught her well, she knows her food & wine.

What does she do when she’s not eating & traveling?

LOL. More of the same.

This professional eater globetrots a staggering 300+ days a year while organizing epic eating trips & pop-ups with industry friends – Venice, Italy just for lunch? Done.  29 Restaurants in NYC in 5 days? Piece of cake. A natural wine & artisan bread popup in Copenhagen? Happening.

Today she chronicles her international eating & drinking adventures on this siteInstagram and an epic NYC food crawl for Food + Wine Magazine. Her wildly popular private food + wine tours have been featured in Travel + Leisure, The New York Times, NBC Today Show, The London Sunday Times, Papercity Magazine, USA Today and Epicurious.  Wendy is a super connector as a fixer for multiple food tv programs on The Travel Channel.

Can Wendy show me around Paris or NYC?

Been sur! When she’s not traveling to eat, she takes private clients on sell out private food & wine tours in Paris & NYC – and honoured to have been named:

One of the Top 10 Food Guides in the World – The Wall Street Journal
One of the Top 6 Food City Tours in the World – The Sunday Times
The “Ultimate Food Insider” and “On a First Name Basis With Every ‘it’ Chef” – Travel & Leisure Magazine
Wendy Lyn is the “hyperconnected private guide behind Paris Is My Kitchen” – Food & Wine Magazine

Why does she do food tours?

She decided to do these simply because – like you, she wants to have fun, learn about the food culture from someone in the know who has a deep connection to the food scene, can get her to the right spots, isn’t afraid to tell her what the locals wish she knew, she wants to pay for what she wants to eat & drink, take Instagram-worthy food photos that make her friends back home green with envy and hang out with cool like-minded people. Not so easy unless you know people.

That’s why Wendy gives you the real deal, arming you with tons of local insider knowledge that will make all the difference to your food & wine trip to Paris. The best chefs, restaurateurs and food industry people don’t call her the “Ambassadrice” of French food, wine, restaurants and culture lightly. She’s earned it over 28 years of helping set expectations for visitors so they don’t get lost in translation and unfairly blame Paris.

Wendy loves this country, this city, its people, its food products, its producers and however maddeningly it can be – its culture. She is on a mission to inform you of its treasures and set expectations, so that you aren’t disappointed and leave having truly experienced it through a new set of eyes.

Any great recommendations in other food cities?

Paris may be her heart and home, but check out her other City Guides for insider recommendations updated in real time. She edits and adds to them frequently. You can also register for any new updates to be sent by mail.

What criteria does she use to recommend restaurants?

Positive word-of-mouth about restaurants from trusted industry peers with similar tastes get on Wendy’s radar.

For each restaurant, she does her best to explain what it is, and what it isn’t, so that you know what you are signing up for before you reserve.

Does Wendy accept special treatment, free meals & travel?

Non, non, and non. Solicitations are not responded to nor ever accepted.  Wendy pays for her own meals and travel except when she is on assignment and is reimbursed for expenses associated with the job.

What is Wendy like in person?

Wendy Lyn is outgoing, smart, funny and spontaneous. Her appetite for life is contagious. “Mission Impossible” is her theme song. Her mottos are “If it isn’t fun, don’t do it” and “Why ‘do’ when you can over-do?” She is an entrepreneur.  She is passionate about quality food & wine products. She is equally passionate about the good hard-working folks who dedicate their lives to growing them.

She devours food magazines and Instagram accounts in her downtime to make the next bucket list. She is known for buying last minute airplane tickets for 36-hour eating & drinking marathons. Speaking of marathons – she is also a dreamer. Never gonna happen.

Apparently she’s an adrenaline junkie. Wendy literally wakes up and decides to go to another country just for lunch. She calls these “linner” days – where she and her food, wine & travel industry friends go to the airport at 6am to look at the departure board, pick a city, and buy last minute plane tickets for a 12-hour eating & drinking marathon. (Linner is when you start at lunch and finish after dinner.

What happens when linner happens over a weekend? Why, “linner” becomes a “winner.”

How does she not weigh 300 pounds?

Easy, she swears by the French diet… she wears black.


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