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Although Paris is my culinary heart, my chef friends and I go on marathon eating trips across the world to eat & drink everywhere from dive bars, pizzerias to The World’s Best 50 Restaurants in cities like Copenhagen, New York, Sicily, Barcelona, New Orleans, Moscow, Stockholm, Rome and Charleston.

My city guides below are a place to share my favourite finds, best experiences and personal recommendations with y’all food-obsessed travellers to get you to the places to eat & drink, right now.

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City Guides

Clamato Oysters


Looking for the best wine bars and restaurants in Paris or want to know where the chefs are eating? Food writer Wendy Lyn is on top of the city’s food […]

London Restaurants


Much like Paris – London’s northeast area is the hottest restaurant neighbourhood going with a huge concentration of the “it” addresses and wine bars, balanced with some gems in the centre of town. This is where to eat, right now.

Copenhagen Restaurants


Copenhagen restaurants and natural wine bars are some of the most excting in the world right now, even if you can’t get into Rene Redzepi’s NOMA.

Barcelona restaurants


Barcelona has hot tapas spots, hipster wine bars and seriously refund Catalan cuisine, I’ve got you covered with my go-to list. Because you aren’t interested in every place to eat, […]

Where to eat in Charleston


Charleston is a refined Southern city – packed with locally sourced seafood, Asian soul food, home cooking, BBQ and yes, the most famous Waffle House in the South.

New Orleans Butcher

New Orleans

New Orleans consistently ranks as one of the top food cities in the United States. Why?  It literally has something for everybody. There is no shortage of good eats in this 300-yr […]

New York City Restaurants

New York City

Where to eat in New York City? Check out my eating & restaurant marathon for Food & Wine Magazine: 29 Restaurants in 5 Days.



Nice France is a popular side trip from Paris – with a proximity to the Mediterranean and Italy, these are exactly the types of foods you will find there.

Venice Italy Restaurants


Where to Eat in Venice Italy – forget the tourist traps, eat fresh locally-sourced lagoon food at these trust-worthy local spots.