London: P. Franco: Wine Shop + Bar

One of my favourite wine bars in the entire world, P. Franco wine shop + bar is a fun destination for natural wine drinkers seeking great company to share delicious small plates & bottles. Voted Eater London’s Best Restaurant 2017.

Owners Liam Kelleher and James Noble (Noble Fine Liquor) opened this little place in 2014, and then when Manager Phil Bracey joined the team in 2015, they started evolving into an internationally respected natural wine hub with a tight-knit food industry family worldwide.

The concept? A natural wine shop by day and a casual wine bar at night run by guest chefs. Regulars & visitors stand or sit around a communal table with the chef standing at the end cooking seasonal a la carte small plates on an induction hob.

The all-star roster of chefs so far: Tim Spedding (Clove Club), Giuseppe Lacorazza (Wildair), Giuseppe Belvedere (Brawn), Anna Tobias (River Cafe, Rochelle Canteen), William Gleave (40 Maltby Street & who is now opening their new restaurant Bright) and now George Tomlin (Clove Club, Laughing Heart).

It was genius.

P Franco acted as an incubator – giving profit share and a platform to up and coming chefs with freedom to do their own thing – defining what the potential of a wine bar could be. They even started collaborating with like-minded wine bars around the world to co-host popups and bringing in the natural wine growers for customers to drink with them in person. For each event – a custom designed poster was created to commemorate the occasion.

This little place had my heart the first moment I walked in the door as a good time wine bar showcasing amazing small production wine makers, top-quality British ingredients and Tomlin’s talent.

FYI: On each of my visits, without exception, the place was so packed the windows were completely steamed up.

Insider Tip:

Like what you are drinking? Take away your favourite bottle (or two) from the shop.

What to Order:

Follow them on Instagram (and @chefgeorgetomlin) to check out the daily menus.

Sample Menu:

Burrata/onion juice/thyme; Fried chicken of the woods mushrooms/toast/garlic mayo; Beef tartare/anchovy/kelp; Miso pumpkin/aged cheese broth; partridge & pheasant pappardelle ragu; hand-cut stracci & sumo di pomodoro.

Getting In:

Walk-ins only

Awards & Recognition:

Eater’s Restaurant of the Year 2017

Photo Credit:

P. Franco Instagram

P. Franco: Wine Shop + Bar

P. Franco: Wine Shop + Bar