Before You Go to a Wine Bar, Know This:


Don’t make the same mistakes these folks did when choosing a wine bar…

Yesterday a disappointed young couple told me: “Septime Wine Bar was just ok, but it didn’t have much food and no place to sit down» and their friends said, « And we went to Frenchie Wine Bar to drink but they wanted us to sit at a table with food. »

Do you see the misunderstanding? No? Hang with me a sec.🤪

I asked them if they knew that each business selling alcohol has an expensive license which means they are legally constrained/allowed to do different things – and they had no idea.

👀 Since you aren’t going to walk to each place to look for the different licenses posted outside you didn’t even know were there – let’s proactively get your expectations set so you know where to go and why.

1.) Septime La Cave isn’t what these guys thought was a wine bar. It is just one of many what we call a « caves a manger » – wine stores licensed to sell bottles to take away AND good news for us, we can stay to drink by paying a small corkage fee to open a bottle on site … BUT they do not have a kitchen to cook hot food. These places are favorites for Parisians at aperitif hours to STAND around visiting with olives & charcuterie BEFORE they go to a sit down dinner. That’s why those folks up there didn’t get more food.

2.)🍇 Frenchie “Bar a Vins” is a wine bar – but a wine bar in France is a sit down restaurant with a kitchen to cook a hot meal. It’s why the other people were asked to order food when they just wanted to day drink.

✌️ Complicated license structure for the average visitor aside, in general, if you go to a place thinking one thing and they tell you they don’t offer it or refuse you – dont take it personally – they just dont have a license for what you are asking for and could lose their license if they do. Follow me?

So continue to make your list of places to open bottles & snack before dinner but those are caves a manger. For meals, that’s bars a vins. Easy! 😂