Paris: Bastille Market

If you only have time for one outdoor market, follow the locals and chefs on Sunday mornings to here to find fruit & vegetables, herbs, flowers, foie gras, charcuterie, fish, shellfish, chicken rotisseries, butchers, eggs, yogurt, cheesemongers, wine, artisan bread, mustard, salt, honey & more.

For a stress-free visit, go early for the best selection, and especially if you are just looking. It turns into a free-for-all when locals wake up late, and race to the market just at lunch before they close. The aisles will be jammed with shoppers dragging heavy grocery trolleys, screaming babies in strollers, dogs pulling on leashes, and not very patient when strangers are there just looking and taking photos.

Insider Tip:

Vendors are organised into four long "aisles" that run the length of 10 city blocks. The best selection is usually closer to the middle, not the first vendors you see as you approach. To get the best, get to the heart of it.

Getting In:

Starting at the Bastille monument, the market is in the middle of the Boulevard Richard Lenoir.

6 things to know before you go:

1.) Take bags with you, don’t risk assuming there will be market bags sold.

2.) Take small coins and cash in 5, 10, 20€ bills. Vendors won’t accept a 50€ note for radishes or cards for an 8€ wedge of cheese. Cards are usually accepted by butchers or fishmongers when the purchase exceeds 20€.

3.) Organic stalls are marked with a green AB or BIO sign.

4.) Find the line. If you aren’t sure where it starts take a minute to see who is being helped and then who is being helped next.

5.) They are the experts of what they sell and they’ll get it for you – so no touching/squeezing the items with your hands.  When I tell them I need four avocados for tonight, THEY reach in to find the ripe ones.

6.) If you don’t know grams and kilos (1 Kilo = 2.2 lbs), get creative/specific with physical measurements. Say you need one scoop of cherries, three spoons of olives, a handful of girolle mushrooms, a bag of apricots, cheese wedge for 5 people, etc.

Bastille Market

Bastille Market