Paris: Blé Sucré

Even though my friend Fabrice Lebourdat sold his beloved little bakery to the new bakers, they’ve kept the extraordinary high-quality and soul of what he started. When the croissant takes three days to make, it just isn’t possible for you to go wrong… and the patisseries are pure Instagram porn.

Insider Tip:

Did you know that in France, you ask for how you want your croissants, baguettes, pie crust, etc. cooked? For crusty ask for well done or "bien cuit " (pron. bee-in-qweet) or for dough fans, ask for not too done or "pas trop cuit" (pron. pah-troh-qweet)

What to Order:

The famous orange glazed madeleines, Paris-Brest, stunning patisseries that look like jewels, outrageous croissants, traditional Brittany Kouign Aman cakes with gorgeous crispy butter layers - ANYTHING they've got is just delicious and Instagram porn. 

Getting In:

Especially on weekends, go as early as you can stand it - the lines are out the door and when the product is gone, it is gone.

Blé Sucré

Blé Sucré