Paris: Boneshaker

Instagram stars USA & Ireland-born Amanda & Louis are making INSANELY delicious and decadent hand-crafted doughnuts 100% from scratch. Just for the record, I’m not a “sweet” person… but when they’ve got “boozy” hot beer and whiskey, they have my attention.

Around the corner from Frenchie, you’ll be drooling just looking at their daily Insta feed – holding up signature doughnuts for well-deserved glorification street shots after having used a fusion of American and Parisian pastry techniques – they are constantly adapting original flavors using seasonal and locally sourced ingredients homemade on the premises.

I’ve had literal rock stars that fly in on private jets to restaurateurs with 10+ restaurants on holiday with their families looking for something special ask me if, “they are worth the hype.” I say, “yes.” Next thing, I have texts saying, “Better, WAY, better than I could imagine” and “Wowzer.”

Yes, it is setting the bar high, but that’s why they are the one and only doughnut shop on my site. They are made, with, love.

If you are a doughnut person, GO NOW. If you are a boozy doughnut person like me, GO YESTERDAY.

Insider Tip:

Follow them on Instagram for daily flavour inspirations, openings and closing, etc.

What to Order:

Salted Butter Caramel
Chocolate stout doughnut with chocolate & stout glaze, torched marshmallow topping
Hot Beer
Whiskey & Bacon & Maple Syrup

Getting In:

Go before lunch, they sell out and FAST. Need more than a dozen? Order in advance