Paris: Du Pain et des Idées

Internationally respected Artisan Baker Christophe Vasseur is known for his signature Pain des Amis wood-fired rectangular bread, fig tarts, savoury meat & cheese mini-pavés and, and, and, let’s talk about those sinful salted-butter chocolate-pistachio escargot buns?

It is hard to believe that has been 15 years since Christophe Vasseur took Paris by storm after trading in his fashion industry job to start a new life as a baker in a beautiful vintage bakery (est. 1889).

It surprises most visitors when I tell them that not many bakers like him are left in the city – I can count them one hand. Most bakeries these days are using pre-made product to sell volume, not quality.

Insider Tip:

1.) Go early for the escargots buns, they sell out fast. 2.) The heritage grains ground by farmers help the bread's shelf life by days, so do yourself a favour, buy a half loaf (a full loaf is huge), wrap it air tight, and pack it to bring home in your luggage to freeze. If you are renting an apartment in Paris, freeze it before your flight.

What to Order:

Le Pain des Amis / Escargot chocolat-pistacho bun / Mini-paves (small pieces of bread dough baked in a stone oven and stuffed with dozen kinds of daily flavours such as spinach & goat cheese, dried apricots & blue cheese, green olives & herbs, dark chocolate & raspberries, etc.

Getting In:

Join the line.

Du Pain et des Idées

Du Pain et des Idées