Joshua Fontaine, Adam & Carina Soto Tsou

Meet the visionaries behind Quixotic Projects: Adam Tsou, Joshua Fontaine and Carina Soto Tsou, the group owns the wildly popular venues Candelaria, Glass, Le Mary Celeste, Hero & Les Grands Verres.

Entrepreneurs Adam, Carina and Josh started with a simple idea – to open a Mexican taqueria – unsure of how the public would receive it. Not knowing for sure, they went for it and six years later they own their own hospital company that currently owns and manages five wildly popular cocktail & food venues, with sold out popups in Moscow, Beijing, Stockholm, and Mexico City.

After opening that first taqueria venue Candelaria in 2011 (named #9 in the World’s 50 Best Bars, top finalist for Best International Cocktail Bar at Tales of the Cocktail), the next year saw the launch of Glass – “a pioneering bar in Pigalle modelled after New York bars.” Only a few months later, Le Mary Celeste opened its doors on a little corner of the Marais that “has been busy ever since.” In 2015, spicy Korean chicken and cocktails at their Hero became the bridge between the chic Marais and gritty SoPi. This summer, they went big at the Palais de Tokyo, with their stunner Les Grands Verres.

Not only are they nicest folks you could meet, they’ve developed a team of professionals that are like family to each other and to the clients and friends who have watched their extraordinary growth here in Paris.