Paris: Aux Deux Amis

It’s standing room-only at David Loyola’s unassuming rock & roll natural wine bar for tapas nights with lots of natural wine. The a la carte menu is not what you’d expect from the retro sports bar décor – the tiny kitchen prepares modern delicious plates for sharing.

Insider Tip:

Behind the bar, David proudly yells over the music, “My mother makes the best tortilla in the world!” and it is true. Jeanine makes one every day. Just ask for it because it isn't on the menu. It is fab with a dash of green Tabasco.

What to Order:

The menu changes every single day but you'll find the likes of the tortilla, house made boudin noir, oysters, terrines, charcuterie, cheese, veal tartare/anchovy mayo, mackerel/spring onions/citrus fruit, roasted potatoes/bright green olive oil/black lava Cyprus salt flakes and more.

Getting In:

Go early, go late or reserve a few days in advance. This place is a huge draw for locals and international food-industry friends who arrive and don't have any plans to leave before the sun comes up.

What to know before you go:

Perfect for groups of guys & gals who want to hang out – not a romantic date night. This is a busy bar atmosphere, service is getting what you ordered and that’s it.

There are picnic tables outside where you’ll be seated next to smokers, a bar and tables scattered throughout the narrow room. If it is packed, don’t complain about where you’re seated, just be thankful you aren’t standing up!

Servers will either leave you their notepad with the daily tapas listed (in French) or point out where menus are also written on mirrors or windows for you to order.

Respect Your Reservation:

Confirm your booking the day of or in case you need to cancel, do so in advance.

If they don’t hear from you or if you don’t show up, not only do they lose business, they deny others who want to dine.

If you don’t confirm your table, they cannot guarantee your booking, and fifteen minutes after the time of your booking, the table can be replaced.

Aux Deux Amis

Aux Deux Amis