Cheval d’Or

Paris: Cheval d’Or

Quick Look:

On the heels of his wildly popular Dersou Restaurant, Taku is now one of Paris’ most popular chefs. Cheval d’Or is his restaurant with Flo Ciccoli (Jones, Café du Coin) having spent the last year crisscrossing Asia in search of authentic recipes (and tableware) for this new venture. You’ll find lots of delicious a la carte choices to share family-style. Taku only uses seasonal fresh product, deep delicious flavors and of course has all-natural wine to match the high-quality ingredients.

The Vibe:

Laid-back, super casual & buzzy – it’s like being invited to a Parisian friend’s apartment for dinner with a lot of people you don’t know, yet. Dress comfy. Just like that Parisian apartment invite – if you are wearing more than shirts and jeans, you’re overdressed.


They only make 50 BAO buns each day.

What to Order:

Menus change with the seasons. Don’t count on my Instagram photos taken in April to be there in October. Think pork noodles, whole steamed fish, typhoon shelter crumb langoustines, chachu pork tenderloin, sweet onion spring rolls with tomato chili, and paitan ramen. The star of the menu? The panko-fried ginger XO lamb brains.

Getting In:

Reserve a month in advance online. 20 bar seats are for walk-ins – but they are filled by 7:30 pm. Since the menu is family-style, it means locals go, order the entire menu and don’t leave for hours. If you are one of the first to arrive and it’s empty, trust me, there will be a line of people by 9 pm staring at you ready to eat. Sunday nights is industry night – with local restaurant teams coming in to blow off steam and be together. It is going to be a tough get for a seat.

Cheval d’Or

Cheval d’Or