Paris: Double Dragon

Sisters Tatiana & Katia Levha’s brand new restaurant on the same street of their popular Le Servan is literally as hot as it gets – taking its sweet & spicy cues from their backgrounds in Manila, Hong Kong, Thailand & France.

With Le Servan, they had little red pepper icons next to the dishes that were spicy, and now every item is spicy, which is rare in French cooking.

Think delicious exciting comfort food served family-style in the sexy Macau floating casino in James Bond’s Skyfall – incredibly casual and buzzy.

It will be one of the most talked about / on every “must” visit restaurant in Paris once the word gets out.

What to Order:

Sausage stuffed fried green peppers called Extra Hot Dynamite
Fried tofu with XO Mayo
Minced pork & pig ear grilled raviolis
Longanisa sausage lettuce wraps
Huge fried stone crab claws with Nam Chin sauce
Half of a BBQ Poussin Tamarind sauce roasted chicken

Getting In:

There are no reservations, walk ins only, but it is going to be WILDLY popular so get there early or get there late.

Double Dragon

Double Dragon Paris

Double Dragon