Paris: Frenchie’s To Go

Gregory Marchand’s Frenchie To Go is equal parts neighborhood coffee joint & deli counter. Open all-day every day, this is where you can feed your Anglo breakfast & NYC Deli street food cravings.

Despite the “To Go” name – you can relax and eat in the gorgeous dining room open to both the kitchen and the street.

Other Businesses Owned By Gregory Marchand:

FrenchieFrenchie Wine Bar, Frenchie Cave – Paris
Frenchie Covent Garden – London

Insider Tip:

Had too much the night before, can't be bothered to get out of bed, or want a fab picnic? Call ahead to place an order or get it delivered by Takeateasy.

What to Order:

Pulled pork sandwich, Grilled cheese Reuben, Lobster Roll.

Getting In:

No reservations.

Frenchie’s To Go

Frenchie’s To Go