Paris: Import Export C.A.M.

I cannot get enough of Phil Euell and Chef Eseu Lee’s stripped down import-export shop. It is one of the most exciting places to eat & drink in Paris right now for Lee’s Asian-inspired sharing plates & natural wine. Every time I go, mind, blown.

Passerini alum Chef Eseu Lee is spicing up the food scene with his delicious sharing plates in the laid-back space where diners are still coming in for late night eats (rare for Paris), to drink natural wines and to listen to the vinyl record collection. Within weeks of opening, every “it” chef in town (including Ducasse) had heard the raves and stopped in to eat for themselves.

The menu changes seasonally but whatever Eseu is doing it will be Asian-inspired flavour explosions like his: Sambal soup, “Bacon jam” baby shrimps, insanely delicious steak tartare gochujang XO sauce & toasted hazelnuts, “KFC”- style fried quails, Soy fermented steak in cilantro & mint sauce rolled up in butter lettuce leaves topped with kimchi – and the who knew brussels sprouts & eggplant could be so tasty dressed up with a creamy smoked tofu sesame sauce?

Insider Tip:

Follow them on social to see which cool chef takeovers they are hosting while @esulee is away studying temple food and cooking in Korea, China and the US, for the line-up of guest chefs who will be taking his place. Right now they say: "We have special guest: paris via london via vietnam @ana.isvm who is improvising moreish/ moorish archaic/anarchic Asian plates through the weekend."

What to Order:

If you are two people, order the entire menu & share. 4 people? Order the entire menu twice & share. You'll thank me later!

Getting In:

Call far ahead, be prepared to go early or even closer to midnight.

What to know before you go:

Warning, you will leave the table a hot mess, their only napkins are Hong Kong-style, a tiny pack of Kleenex. Think of it as an adventure.

Respect Your Reservation:

Confirm your booking the day of or in case you need to cancel, do so in advance.

If they don’t hear from you or if you don’t show up, not only do they lose business, they deny others who want to dine.

If you don’t confirm your table, they cannot guarantee your booking, and fifteen minutes after the time of your booking, the table can be replaced.

Import Export C.A.M.

Import Export C.A.M.