Import Export C.A.M.

Paris: Import Export C.A.M.

How’s this for a change of pace? Post-punk is on the playlist, and the table is set Hong Kong-style with chopsticks, plastic gloves and Tempo tissue packets for napkins.

Kudos to Phil Euell of Boot Café & talented chef Esu Lee who literally spiced up the Paris food scene with their rock & roll attitude and a “dirty food, filthy wine” motto back in 2017.

Hip locals & chefs are Lee’s biggest fans – packing in nightly for Asian-inspired flavor explosions in an unpretentious vibe. It may look like a dive bar in a former garage – but Lee & team do some seriously fun cooking.  


What to Order:

Menus change with the seasons and Lee’s whims. Think Sambal soup, “Bacon jam” baby shrimps, steak tartare + gochujang XO, KFC-style fried quails, Soy-fermented steak, cilantro, mint & kimchi lettuce wraps, and brussels sprouts & eggplant in smoked tofu sesame cream. No dessert. The wine list is tight and all-natural.

The Vibe + Scene:

Indie-rock & post-punk music on the playlist, hipster-shabby, concrete walls, bare floors.

Getting In:

Advance reservations are essential, especially on Sunday. Email:


If you’re not wearing jeans and sneakers, you are over-dressed.

Guest Chef Series:

Follow Cam and Esu Lee on Instagram for updates when they do guest chef series in Paris or on the road. Lee was recently at Night Market in LA & Lyle’s in London.

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Import Export C.A.M.

Import Export C.A.M.