Paris: Le Servan

Chef-Owner-Sisters Tatiana & Katia Levha’s pretty bistrot gets its culinary cues from their backgrounds in Manila, Hong Kong, Thailand & France. Think suckling pig, spicy Thai basil clams, and duck baked in brioche. A la carte tapas menus encourage sharing, and wines are all-natural.

Insider Tip:

The menu starts with small plate appetizers that I suggest you order for the table and share while you look over the rest of the menu.

What to Order:

Items marked with little red chili peppers 🌶 🌶 🌶 have some heat.

Favourites are fried ravioli wontons in bouillon, Suckling pig & crackling skin, Clams/Thai basil/ginger/red chile, Duck foie gras baked in brioche.

Getting In:

Solo diners can request seats at the bar

What to know before you reserve:

Le Servan creates menus with products from all parts of the animal. As much as I’d love for you to go, if you are a vegetarian or picky eater, it may be difficult to navigate around what is on offer.


Respect Your Reservation:

Confirm your booking the day of or in case you need to cancel, do so in advance.

If they don’t hear from you or if you don’t show up, not only do they lose business, they deny others who want to dine.

If you don’t confirm your table, they cannot guarantee your booking, and fifteen minutes after the time of your booking, the table can be replaced.

Le Servan

Le Servan