Paris: Maison by Sota Atsumi

New Opening! After two years of waiting, we are thrilled that Chef Sota Atsumi (ex Clown Bar) has finally opened his doors in his “house” for lunch and dinner.

New opening alert! Make reservations online NOW – Chef SOTA IS BACK!

Recently, I told you my friends Sota Atsumi (Clown Bar) & wife Akiko were getting ready to open their long-awaited restaurant… and that moment is FINALLY here as of September 10.

They’ve transformed the only “house” on rue St Hubert into “Maison Sota” – every, single decision was made to welcome you into Sota’s “home.” I can’t wait for you to see it. The result is stun-ning.

You might have first heard of Sota at the Clown Bar – he’s our beloved brother who has been cooking with us for years way before. He has won a serious level of international respect  – he made eating  brains COOL, duck & foie gras pies THE most copied dish in Paris and his squid ink tempura fish sticks with roasted red pepper coulis dipping sauce damn near an addiction.

But, that’s in the past and he’s looking forward. He’s been traveling the world cooking from the USA to Mexico to Japan to develop the menu format which is going to be mind-blowingly different.

All I can say is come with an open mind – it is not going to be for traditional palates. This is a Chef you let cook for you – NOT tell him how you want him to do it.

And dessert fans put your seatbelts on because his talented Pastry-Chef Rikako Kobayashi is still at his side!

What to Order:

If you are a picky eater, not adventurous or usually dictate what you eat to the chef, this restaurant is NOT for you. His menus change EACH day due to seasonal fresh ingredients being walked in the door by the farmers, fishermen and hunters. What he gets, we eat... no substitutions, no questions asked. Natural wine only.

Getting In:

Use their on line reservation system to book immediately - this is one of the hottest restaurant openings in two years and by the Tim you hear about it, it may be too late.

Menu Prices:


Menu 45 €

Tasting Menu 85€


À la carte
Appetizer 20 €~
Main course 30 €~
Dessert 12 €~
Menu triptique 150 €

Maison by Sota Atsumi

Maison by Sota Atsumi