Paris: Uncino

What a special find in PARIS. Selfishly, I don’t want to tell you about it, but I HAVE to. French ingredients, Italian family recipes from Elba Island by Chef Gabriel Muti.

This is the most extraordinary beautiful Brittany spider crab house spaghetti slow cooked in its own rich jus with garlic & onion – and just one of the authentic dishes by Chef Gabriel Muti from his childhood growing up on Elba Island in the Tyrrhenian Sea off of Tuscany.

They have over 120 bottles of natural wines, rustic ambiance, refined food, kind friendly table service (rare in Paris), open on MONDAY!, in the 9th arr (South Pigalle – so DON’T faint I actually LEFT the 11th arr) and a massive thanks to Bertrand Auboyneau at the legendary Bistrot Paul Bert for the huge tip off to this very, very special place.

You have, to, go. When you do? Tell me. I’ll GLADLY meet you there.

What to Order:

The spider crab pasta, the tripe, artichoke salad.

Getting In:

Reserving on line is easy.


Uncino Restaurant Paris Uncino Restaurant Paris Uncino Restaurant Paris