Paris: Les Enfants Du Marché

HOT TABLE. Michael Grosman turned a tourist market stand into a wildly popular all-day natural wine bar restaurant with gorgeous food by Chef Masa Ikuta.

Michael knows how to throw a party. He’s one of the best in the hospitality business – he thought over a market stand in a place that has catered for tourists with sushi and couscous on paper plates… and installed kick a** kitchen equipment, beautiful beer taps, filtered water system, REAL glass drinking ware, pretty glazed pottery plates, put together an impressive natural wine and music playlist – then put a talented chef behind the stove and voila… he has created one of the most popular restaurant hangouts for locals, chefs, restaurant industry and wine growers – who come to eat & drink well with friends and listen to great music in laid-back market.

On the weekends in pretty weather it is the place we all race to get a spot, invite all of our friends, order everything on the menu and stay for hours… and the food by Chef Masa? WOW.

There are chalkboard menus for the picnic-style tables, and they change every, single, day because Masa is getting product direct from farmers, fisherman and hunters. It isn’t small plate sharing, each plate is delicious and generous.

Wines are sourced by Michael (again) direct from the farmers and wine growers – so don’t hesitate don’t tell him the style of wine that you like (white, dry, red, fruity, light, heavy, spicy) and he’ll find the perfect glass bottle bottles magnums for you. Get my point?

Insider Tip:

Come hungry, thirsty, ready to mingle with strangers. If you aren't fun (you know who you are) don't go.

What to Order:

Order what you think is the least interesting thing and you'll win. Masa is a genius at putting things together you'd never think to and not in a weird way, in a "why didn't I think of that?!" way. The gorgonzola mussels are legendary (ask for a second basket of bread so you can dip it in the cheese sauce at the bottom of the bowl). Fresh whole fish, gargantuan shrimp, green asparagus, onion soup, duck foie gras stuffed brioche, tuna tartare, house terrines, tempura cervelle, etc. If its in season, he's got it.

Getting In:

Walk-ins only. Wildly popular for lunch on pretty days, especially on the weekends. If you can't get there by 12:30 wait and go around 3pm.

Les Enfants Du Marché

Les Enfants Du Marché