Paris: Restaurants Open Part of/ All of August

Paris can be tricky in August – but have no fear…below are the best bars, bistros, neo-bistrots and industry hangouts where you will eat fresh food and drink natural wine, craft beer & cocktails in August.

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Middle Eastern: Balagan: L & D 7/7 all summer @balagan_paris 

Korean Fried Chicken: Hero: 7/7 all summer @hero_paris

Frenchie Wine Bar: D 7/7, 6:30pm. Closed Aug. 12-18. @frenchieruedunil

Street food: Frenchie To Go: 7/7. Closed Aug. 12-19. @frenchie_ftg

Modern & Michelin: Frenchie Restaurant: Closed Aug. 5-reopens the 20th. @frenchieruedunil


Cocktails & Dinner: Mary Celeste: D 7/7 all summer @lemaryceleste.


Tapas: All three L’Avant Comptoirs (Mer/Terre/Marche) 7/7 noon-11pm. @yves_camdeborde 

Natural wine bistrot: Le Verre Vole: Open L & D all summer @verre_vole_thomas_vicente.

Tapas: Galopin: D Tues-Sat. L Fri & Sat. After Aug. 6-31 special cabana/terrace tapas 5pm-12am. @le_galopin_ .


Wine Bar / Sharing Plates: Early June: Tues-Sat 5-12pm. Closed Aug. 5-27. @earlyjuneparis 

Wine Bar / Sharing Plates: Deviant: D Tues-Sat. Closed Aug. 10-28. @deviantgram.

Wine Bar / Sharing Plates: Cafe du Coin: 7/7. Closed Aug. 11-17 @cafe_du_coin.

Wine Bar / Sharing Plates: Jones: D 7/7. Closed Aug. 12-21. @jonesrestaurantparis.



Asian / Sharing Plates:Cheval d’Or: L & D 7/7. Closed Aug. 11-28. @chevaldorparis.

Modern Bistrot: Le Servan: 7/7 B/L/D. Closed July 27-Aug.18. @restaurant_leservan.

Sharing Plates/Asian: Double Dragon: 7/7 L & D. Closed Aug. 3-19. @doubledragon_paris.

Modern Restaurant: Saint Sebastien: Closed Aug. 4-25. @lesaintsebastien.

Tapas: Le Dauphin: Soups Wed-Sat 12:30-3pm, Tapas 7pm-2am. @le_dauphin_paris 

Wine Bar: La Buvette: Mon-Fri 5pm-10pm, Sat & Sun 11am-10pm, Closed Aug 5 Open Aug. 12.

Tapas & Wood-fired grill: Brutos: L & D Wed-Sun. All summer @brutosparis

Bistrot/Sharing Plates: Buffett: Tues-Sat 7:30-11pm, Sat 12-2:30pm @restaurantbuffet

Wine Bar/Sharing Plates: Goguette: L & D Tues-Sat. Open all summer.

Wine Bar/Sharing Plates: L’attache: 7/7 D-2am. @lattacheparis

Pop Up: Tontine: D T-Sat all summer. @tontinetontine


Brasserie & Cocktail Bar: Les Grands Verres: All day, all summer 7/7 @lesgrandsverres

Cocktails: Cravan: all summer 7/7 @cravanparis


Tapas: Cadoret: All summer. Tues-Sat. 5pm-12am tapas. @le_cadoret.

Tapas/Sharing Plates: Le Comptoir du Canal: All summer, every day 6pm-midnight. Closed Aug. 5. @lecomptoirducanal.

Sharing Plates: Le Grand Bain: 7/7. D all summer. @legrandbainparis.