Paris: Restaurants Open During the Holidays Dec. 26-30th.

Holiday Guide: Where to find the best oysters, bistros, natural wine bars, craft cocktails, street food, Asian/Italian, fine dining & more during Dec. 26-30.

Don’t wait until the last minute to reserve tables, place to-go orders or join one of my private food & wine tours.


2nd / Louvre/Les Halles:

Dalmata Pizza
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L/D: Dec 27-everyday after
*Incredible Neopolitan Pizza. Eat-in or take their special New Year’s pizzas to go.

Frenchie To Go
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NYC Meets Paris Street & Comfort Food
Chef-Owner Gregory Marchand
B/L: Dec 24, 27-30
*Don’t miss the fried chicken & caviar

Frenchie Bar A Vins
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Modern French Sharing Plates
Chef-Owner Gregory Marchand
2nd / Les Halles
D: Dec 26-30
*Don’t miss the sweetbreads & caviar.

Petit Bao
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Shanghai meets Paris sharing plates & BAO buns
L: Dec 24, L & D: Dec 26-30
*Don’t miss anything spicy if you crave some heat. France doesn’t have the palate for it so anything chili is a rare find.

3rd / Marais

Le Mary Celeste
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Oysters & Sharing Plates Cocktail/ Wine Bar
D: Dec 26 & 27 6pm-2am. L/D: Dec 29 & 30th 12-2am
“Top 4 nomination for World’s Best Restaurant Bar”- TALES OF THE COCKTAIL 2016
“#57 Bars To Watch”-WORLD’S 50 BEST BARS 2016

Les Enfants du Marché
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Fun Buzzy Vibe, Family-Style in Open-Air Market
Michael Grosman / Chef Masa Ikuta
Dec 24 & 31 until 4pm, L/D 26-28th, L 29th
Reopens Jan 2
*No reservations, Walk-in Only

Datsha Underground Restaurant & Cocktail Bar
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New Opening by TOP CHEF finalist 2019 Chef Alexia Duchene
Brand New Cocktail Bar & Modern French-British
D: Dec 28-everyday after
*Reserve ASAP for New Year’s Eve

5th / Latin Quarter

Restaurant AT
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Fine Dining-Modern French
Chef-Owner Atsushi Tanaka
L/Dec 27-Jan 4 (Closed Sun/L Mon)
*Reserve online

6th / St Germain

Le Comptoir Bistrot and L’Avant Comptoir Wine Bar(s)
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Open EVERY DAY/No reservations/12-10:30pm
These three below are together at 9, Carrefour de l’Odeon
Le Comptoir Classic French Bistrot
L’Avant Comptoir de Mer Oysters & Seafood Wine Bar
L’Avant Comptoir Charcuterie & Tapas Wine Bar
This one is one the outside corner of 14 rue Lobineau
L’Avant Comptoir du Marché Charcuterie & Tapas Wine Bar
*Don’t miss the kilo of farm butter on the counter, no reservations, walk-ins only

Mordu Saint-Germain
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Restaurant/ Wine Bar/ Cocktails
Chef Baptiste Trudel
L/D 26-28, 30 & 31
*Reserve online

9th / South Pigalle

Chez Vous Bar
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Sharing Plates / Wine Bar
L/D Dec 26 – 31
*Reserve online

Flesh Restaurant
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BBQ & Steakhouse
L/D 26-30
Reopen Jan 2
*Locations on Pigalle & Canal St Martin

Uncino Restaurant
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Modern-rustic Italian
Chef-Owner Gabriele Muti
L/D Dec 27 & Dec 30
*Chef Gabriele is from a restaurant family on the island of Elba – so don’t miss the family recipe spider crab pasta.

10th / Canal St Martin

Early June Wine Bar
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Wine Shop/ Bar/Sharing Plates
Camille Machet & Victor Vautier
D: Dec 26-30
*Like what you are drinking? It’s also a wine shop to take bottles home

Le Verre Vole
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Modern & rustic bistro / Wine Shop
L: Dec 24, L/D: Dec 26-30
*Like what you are drinking? It’s also a wine shop to take bottles home

11th / Bastille

Cave Septime 
Wine Shop / Bar / Snacks
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Open Dec 24th/31 from 4-9pm / Dec 26-30 from 4-11pm
3, rue Basfroi
*Don’t miss the cured beef & fennel oil/chicken paté en croute. Like what you are drinking? It’s also a wine shop to take bottles home

Oysters & Modern Seafood Sharing Plates
Sister to 👉 @septimeparis
D/ Dec 27, L/D Dec 28 & 29, D/ Dec 30
**Like what you are drinking? You can also visit their wine shop across the street to take bottles home

Double Dragon
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Asian Family-Style Sharing Plates
Sister Chef-Owners Tatiana & Katia
D: Dec 26 & 27 & 30 / L & D: Dec 28 & 29
*Don’t miss anything spicy if you crave some heat. France doesn’t have the palate for it so anything chili is a rare find.

Le Servan
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Modern French Bistrot
Sister Chef-Owners Tatiana & Katia
Open B/L/D Dec 26-30
*Open all day non-stop for breakfast, lunch, apero & dinner

Bistrot Paul Bert
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Classic French Bistrot
Owner Bertrand Auboyneau/Chef Thierry Laurent
L/D 26-28, D Dec 31, Jan 1
* Yes, they are famous for their pepper beef filet-frites but if everyone gets that? BORING. You are missing out on tons of other fabulous things – like all the produce grown on their farm in Normandy.

L’Ecailler du Bistrot
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Sister Seafood & Oysters
Gwen Cadoret
L Dec 24, platters to go until 8pm
Dec 25 platters 11am-2pm, L/D 26-28, 31 platters until 8pm, Jan 1 D & platters 11am-1pm
*Bistrot Paul Bert’s sister restaurant brings in seafood from Gwen’s family’s native Brittany. Rather stay on your pj’s with a bottle of bubbly? Call ahead and order platters of shellfish to go home.

Septime Paris
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Casual Neighborhood Vibe, Upscale Set Menus
Chef/ Co-Owner Bertrand Grebaut / Co-Owner Theo Pourriat
L/D Th & Fri Dec 26 and 27
*Don’t assume that the 2 bar seats are for walk-ins. They are reserved as well.

Cafe du Coin
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Neighborhood French Bistrot & Tapas Wine Bar
Chef-Owner Florent Ciccoli
L Dec 24th, D 26th-30th, Reopen
*Lunch specials are an incredible value and the tapas pizzettes are a dream.

Maison Sota
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Modern French
Chef-Owner Atsumi Sota (former Chef of the Clown Bar)
D Dec 26th, L/D 28 & 29, D Jan. 2
*Reserve on line

Le Saint Sebastien
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Daniela Lavandenz / Chef Rob Mendoza
Modern French
D Dec 26-28, D Dec 31
*This restaurant aims to be as sustainable/zero waste as possible. Reserve online for New Year’s Eve dinner!

17th / Batignolles

Rooster Restaurant
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Modern French Bistrot
Chef Frédéric Duca
L/D Dec 30/31
*Don’t wait too late to reserve for dinner online.

19th / Belleville

Le Grand Bain
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Fresh seasonal sharing plates & wine bar
Chef-Owner Edward Delling Williams
D Dec 27-31

Le Cadoret
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Casual Neighborhood Bistrot / Wine Bar / Tapas
Chef-Owners Léa & Louis Fleuriot
L/D Dec 26-28