Paris: Summer Eating Guide 2018: What’s Open in Paris

Voila! My top picks by neighbourhood that are open part of or all summer – the good news is that there are even more options than last year.

Since a lot of places near monuments & museums are more than happy to send out mediocre frozen food to tourists – these trusted restaurants are all serving fresh products, natural wines & craft cocktails. Each listing has descriptions, tips, direct links and Instagram information to help you choose easily.

For you food-obsessives in Paris this summer, get the inside scoop with me on one of my popular private food & wine tours – I can’t wait to show you my Paris!

What’s Open:

2nd arrondissement:

Paris Restaurants


Balagan (Restaurant)
9, rue d’Alger, Right Bank, 1st arr
Accepts Reservations On Line
Oen Lunch & Dinner

At A Glance: Award-winning Chefs Assaf Granit and Uni Navon’s (MachneYuda in Jerusalem, Palomar & The Barbary in London) fun modern Middle Eastern food in a hip & lively spot near the Louvre with the gang from Experimental Cocktail Club in charge of drinks.
Advice: Order everything and share.
Insider Tip: Great for groups. Solo diner? Ask for the bar.
Instagram: @Balagan_paris

Boneshaker Doughnuts
77 rue d’Aboukir, Right Bank, 2nd arr
Drop In
Closes July 10 – Reopening August 3
Tues-Fri 8:30-18h/Sat 10-18h

At A Glance: Amanda & Louis’ AMAZING handmade small batch raised yeast doughnuts. If beer doughnuts, Cinnamon sugar doughnuts filled with salted caramel sauce and two scoops of vanilla ice cream, or Maple syrup & whiskey glaze doughnuts topped with whiskey-candied bacon don’t grab you, nothing will. Fresh roasted coffee & artisanal juices too.
Instagram: @boneshakerparis

Hero (Korean Fried Chicken & Cocktails)
289 rue Saint Denis, Right Bank, 2nd arr
Drop in / Reserve
Open Everyday 12h-14h30 // 19h-23h

At A Glance:  Go with a group of friends, order everything and share at this super funky & fun Korean tapas bar specialising in cocktails and yangnyeom (Korean fried chicken) and pork belly buns.
Instagram: @hero_paris 

Experimental Cocktail Club
37, rue Saint Saveur, Right Bank, 2nd arr
Drop In
Open Mon-Thurs 7pm-2am

At A Glance: This beloved institution by the Experimental Group is the place for a late-night cocktail in this part of the city. Intimate sexy space.
Instagram: @experimentalcocktailclubparis

Frenchie (Restaurant)
5 rue du Nil, Right Bank, 2nd arr
Accepts Reservations
Closes August 13 and reopens August 22
Open for two dinner services at 6:30pm, then 9pm

At A Glance: Gregory Marchand’s casual, fine dining restaurant using pristine seasonal ingredients
Advice: Reserve far in advance
Instagram: @frenchieruedunil

French Bar a Vins (Sharing Plate Wine Bar)
5 rue du Nil, Right Bank, 2nd arr
Drop In
Open every day 6:30pm-10:30pm

At A Glance: Gregory Marchand’s convivial a la carte sharing plate wine bar
Advice: Go early when they open to get a seat
Instagram: @frenchieruedunil

Frenchie to Go (NYC-style Deli)
9 rue du Nil, Right Bank, 2nd arr
Drop In
Open every day 6:30pm-10:30pm

At A Glance:Gregory Marchand’s convivial casual deli with counter service for lobster rolls, Reuben sandwiches, Fish & Chips and more.
Instagram: @frenchietogo

Saturne (Restaurant)
17, rue de Notre Dame des Victoires, Right Bank, 2nd arr.
Open for regular lunch & dinner, but dinners only Aug 7 – Sept 1
Accepts Reservations On Line
Open Monday-Friday Dinner

At A Glance: Chef Swen Chartier’s tasting menus are all about quality products presented simply. Ewen Lemoigne’s wine cellar is one of the best in the world for chemical-free juice made with love. Beautiful setting without pretention.
Advice: Solo diners can request the bar.
Instagram: @saturneparis

3rd arrondissement:

Paris Restaurants

Les Enfants du Marché
39 rue du Bretagne, Right Bank, 3rd arr
Walk Ins Only

At A Glance: Grab your friends, pull up a bar stool and pop the corks at Michael Grosman’s fun natural wine bar inside the Marais’ Marché des Enfants Rouges – the popular all day hangout for drinking and eating delicious tapas & sharing plates by Chef Masahide Ikuta.
Instagram: @lesenfantsdumarche

Le Mary Celeste (Cocktail & Wine Bar)
1, rue Commines, Right Bank, 3rd arr
Accepts Reservations On Line & Walk Ins
Open Every Day 6pm-2am

At A Glance: Le Mary Celeste is one of the hottest addresses in town for its quality cocktails, sharing plates, music playlist and late night corner neighborhood buzzy crowded atmosphere.
Advice: Reserve, reserve, reserve.
Instagram: @lemaryceleste

Candelaria (Cocktail Bar & Taqueria)
52, rue Saintonge, Right Bank, 3rd arr
The taqueria is open all day, every day, Sunday-Wednesday 12:30pm-11pm and Thursday-Saturday 12:30pm-midnight. Brunch every Saturday and Sunday from 12:30pm-4pm. The bar is open every day from 6pm-2am.

At A Glance: Beloved insider address. Same owners of Le Mary Celeste in the same area, incredible cocktail bar hidden behind their taqueria.
Advice: Absorb the alcohol with the killer nachos, you can thank me later.
Instagram: @candelariaparis

Miznon (Pitas & Cauliflower)
22, rue des Ecouffes, Right Bank, 3rd arr
Sunday to Thursday:12pm to 11pm, Fri:12pm to 4pm
Drop In

At A Glance: If you just have to stand in lines with bus loads of tourists for a falafel, go for it, but you are making a huge culinary mistake if you don’t cross the street here instead for the outrageously good hand made pitas stuffed with quality products like the grilled lamb & tahini.
Advice: Don’t miss the whole grilled cauliflower in addition.
Instagram: @miznonparis

5th arrondissement:

Paris Restaurants

Restaurant AT
4 rue du Cardinal Lemoine, Left Bank, 5th arr
Accepts Reservations
Open until 17th of August

At A Glance: Chef Atsushi Tanaka’s fine dining restaurant – exquisite pristine products and thoughtful creative/stunning presentation. Serene minimalist setting.
Instagram: @restaurant_at

6th arrondissement:

Frenchie Wine Bar Paris Wendy Lyn


Le Comptoir (Classic Bistrot)
9, Carrefour de l’Odeon, Left Bank, 6th arr
Drop In
Open every day 12pm to 10:30pm

At A Glance: Chef Yves Camdeborde’s classic bistrot is packed to the gills from noon to midnight during summer because he foregoes reservations for first come first served diners.
Advice: Go in between prime meals hours for a better chance at a seat on one of the best people watching terrace in the city.

L’Avant Comptoir (Tapas-style Wine Bar)
9, Carrefour de l’Odeon, Left Bank, 6th arr
Drop In
Open every day 12pm to 10:30pm

At A Glance: Next door to Yves’ bistrot (above), step behind the curtain to what to you first-timers will feel like a hidden wine bar. To the locals, it is an institution for the standing room only tapas-style bar food served on the counter, great music, mounds of salted butter, platters of charcuterie, bottles & magnums of wine.
Advice: Don’t miss the ham & artichoke waffle, or the seared foie gras red pepper skewer or the duck foie gras hamburger
Instagram: @lavantcomptoir_yvescamdeborde

9th arrondissement:

Faggio Osteria (Wine Bar & Sharing Plates)
75 Rue de Rochechouart, Right Bank, 9th arr
Accepts Reservations
Closes July 30 – Reopens 14 August

At A Glance: Across the street from their wildly popular pizzeria Faggio (below) Pacchio’s summer terrace is perfect for gorgeous sharing plates and bottles of wine made with love by small producers.
Tip: Definitely more for a younger hip crowd that represents the local area residents’ lifestyle.
Instagram: @faggio_osteria


Faggio (Pizza & Wine)
72 Rue de Rochechouart, Right Bank, 9th arr
Drop In

At A Glance: Locals love the hand made pizzas with Caputo flour baked on site in the big green wood oven washed down with bottles of wine made with love by small producers.
Tip: Cool terrace in summer.
Instagram: @faggio_pizzeria

10th arrondissement:

Paris Restaurants

Miznon (Pitas & Cauliflower)
37 Quai de Valmy, Right Bank, 3rd arr
Sunday to Thursday:12pm to 11pm, Fri:12pm to 4pm
Drop In

At A Glance: Outrageously good hand made pitas stuffed with quality products like the grilled lamb & tahini.
Advice: Don’t miss the whole grilled cauliflower in addition.
Instagram: @miznonparis

Le Verre Vole (Natural Wine Bistrot)
67 Rue de Lancry, Right Bank, 10th arr
Open Every Day Lunch and Dinner
Accepts Reservations

At A Glance: A “natural wine” lover’s hangout for lunch and dinner with creative bistrot menus.
Advice: For those that crave more classic choices, don’t miss the grilled sausage & puree potatoes.
Instagram: @leverrevole

La Cave Michel (Small Plates Wine Bar)
36 rue Sainte-Marthe, Right Bank, 10th arr
Wednesday-Sunday 6pm – Midnight
Drop In

At A Glance: Galopin’s (see below) convivial sister wine bar, is a long zinc bar where Romain Tischenko prepares a la carte small plates to share paired with glasses or bottles of natural wines, great playlist. No chairs, standing room only.
Insider Tip: Sunday nights are popular with food industry.
Advice: Order the entire menu, twice.
Instagram: @lacaveamichel 

Holybelly (Breakfast & Brunch)
5 rue Lucien Campais, Right Bank, 10th arr
Drop In
Open every day 9am-5pm

At A Glance: Good coffee and breakfast/brunch-style food served all day long until 5pm.
Instagram: @holybellycafe

11th arrondissement:

Double Dragon Paris

Double Dragon
52, rue St Maur, Right Bank 11th arr
No Reservations
Open Lunch & Dinner Wednesday-Sunday

At A Glance: Sisters Tatiana & Katia Levha’s brand new restaurant is literally as hot as it gets – taking its sweet & spicy comfort food cues from their backgrounds in Manila, Hong Kong, Thailand & France.
Instagram: @doubledragon_paris

Chateaubriand & Le Dauphin Wine Bar
129 avenue Parameter, Right Bank, 11th arr
Accepts Reservations
Chateaubriand Open Tues-Sat 7pm-11pm
Le Dauphin Open Tuesday 7pm-2am, Wed-Sat 12:30-3pm, 7pm-2am

At A Glance: Chef Inaki Aizpitarte’s Modern Bistrot Chateaubriand serving set/modern menus and Le Dauphin the sister wine bar next door.
Instagram: @le_dauphin_paris

Paris Restaurants

The Clown Bar (Modern bistrot)
114 rue Amelot, Right Bank, 11th arr
Closing August 5 – Reopening August 29
Accepts Reservations
Open Wednesday-Sunday Lunch and Dinner

At A Glance: TCB has become a legend in only 3 short years for the stunning sharing plates, so delicious they’ve actually made eating brains cool. Don’t miss this just because there are brains on the menu, there are a LOT of other things!!! It is delicious.
Advice: Reserve, in, ADVANCE. Don’t assume you can just “drop” in for a solo
seat at the bar, they are also reserved in advance. TCB is THE hottest address in Paris.
Instagram: @leclownbar

Cave Paul Bert (Wine Shop & Tapas-Style Wine Bar)
16, rue Paul Bert, Right Bank, 11th arr
Drop In
Open every day 12pm-10:30pm

At A Glance: Bistrot Paul Bert’s (see below) lively sister wine shop & small plates wine bar.
Advice: Great place to meet for apero or making a long night of grazing on sharing plates and wine.
Instagram: @lacavepaulbert

Bistrot Paul Bert
18 rue Paul Bert, Right Bank, 11th arr
Accepts Reservations
Open every day Tuesday – Saturday lunch & dinner

At A Glance: Paris’ quintessential classic bistrot, where the owner’s farm supplies the produce.
Insider Tip: The famous “steak-frites” is actually a pepper beef filet with its own seperate menu. Terrace tables are for two. Not for date night, this is a buzzy busy place.
Advice: WILDLY popular, reserve in ADVANCE.
Top Honor: This is my favourite place to eat in the world.
Instagram: @bistrotpaulbert

La Buvette (wine shop, small plates wine bar)
67, rue St Maur, Right Bank, 11th arr
Walk In Wed-Thu: 5pm – 10pm / Fri: 11am-3pm, 5pm – 10pm
Sat-Sun: 11am – 11pm

At A Glance: Camille Fourmont transformed this little vintage dairy shop on a sleepy street into a cult wine bar-shop that draws industry folk from all over the world who meet here for delicious tapas plates & bottles.
Insider Tip: This is a TINY bottle shop with a ew tables and chairs that fills up quickly. DO NOT MISS THE WHITE BEANS.

Aux Deux Amis (Bistrot & Tapas Bar)
45, rue Oberkampf, Right Bank, 11th arr
Accepts Reservations
Open Tuesday-Saturday lunch and dinner

At A Glance: David Loyola’s retro bistrot serves price friendly prix fixe menus during lunch, then becomes a raucous wildly popular tapas wine bar at night.
Insider Tip: He just added a little grocery store next door selling all French produce to go. Great address if you are renting an apartment.
Instagram: @auxdeuxamis

Paris Restaurants

Brutos (Carnivore Bistrot)
5, rue General du Renault, Right Bank, 11th arr
Accepts Reservations
Open Wed-Sat Dinner

At A Glance: Ninon & Lucas’ open pit wood-fired grill, fantastic whole grilled chicken, beef ribs, frites and more. Fantastic natural wine list.
Advice: The terrace is the dining room in summer.
Instagram: @brutosparis

Clamato (Seafood Bar)
80, rue de Charonne, Right Bank, 11th arr
Drop In
Closes August 13, Reopens the 22nd

At A Glance: Septime’s sister restaurant is all seafood – a la carte menu choices make it fun to order everything and share.
Instagram: @septimeparis

La Cave du Septime (Wine Shop & Wine Bar)
3, rue Basfroi, Right Bank, 11th arr
Drop In
Closes the 6th of August, Reopens the 28th

At A Glance: Septime & Clamato’s charming little wine shop is a the perfect place to meet friends for an aperitif & nibbles before dinner elsewhere.
Instagram: @septimeparis

Korus (Restaurant)
73, rue Amelot, Right Bank, 11th arr
Accepts Reservations
Open Tours-Mon 6pm -2am

At A Glance: Gorgeous seasonal produce in a casual setting
Insider Tip: Also tapas and cocktail menu in the open bar area
Instagram: @restaurantkorus

Jones (Restaurant)
43 rue Godefroy Cavaignac, Right Bank, 11th arr
Accepts Reservation & Drop In
Open every day 7pm-11pm

At A Glance: A sweet little neighbourhood place where locals pop in for small sharing plates at the bar, and larger sharing plates for dinner.

16th Arrondissement:

Paris Restaurants

Les Grands Verres Palais de Tokyo (restaurant late night bar)
13, avenue du président Wilson, Right Bank, 16th arr
Accepts Reservations On Line and Walk Ins
Everyday Restaurant 12-2:30 /7pm-10:30pm, Bar 7pm – 2am

At A Glance: The talented team behind wildly popular Candelaria, Hero and Le Mary Celeste have added a gorgeous restaurant & bar to their venues, inside the contemporary Palais de Tokyo building on the river across from the Eiffel Tower. Expect fresh seasonal products (including Ten Bells bread) with Mediterranean flavors, of course their legendary craft cocktails, thoughtful playlist (Fleetwood Mac) and stunning views from the outdoor terrace.
Instagram: @lesgrandsverres

19th arrondissement:

Paris Restaurants

Le Grand Bain (Sharing Plate Bistrot)
14, rue Denoyez, Right Bank, 20th arr
Accepts Reservations/Drop In

At A Glance: Edward Delling-Williams uses fresh seasonal products for his a la carte menus – served in a convivial little neighbourhood hangout on a really cool street.
Advice: Order as much as you can to share.
Instagram: @legrandbainparis

20th arrondissement:

Le Baratin (Classic Bistrot)*

3 rue Jouye Rouve, Right Bank, 20th arr
Accepts Reservations
Open All Summer

At A Glance:Raquel Carena’s bistrot has a near cult following among her peers for her classic cooking.