Paris: The Coolest Food & Natural Wine Neighbourhood is the 11th

Eating & drinking through this hip northeast arr. can’t be accomplished in a weekend, it is literally the hottest area going, especially for the natural wine scene.

This part of the city is PACKED with natural wine shops, wine bars, bistrots, and world-class restaurants. In fact, you can wait months for tables with only 30 chairs, and can show up wearing tee shirts and jeans – it is the new dress code.

Around ten years ago, up and coming chefs looking to escape expensive tourist zones and score good deals on real estate found it here – and since then it has been a boom. Some restaurants and wine bars are even owned by the same person taking up whole streets with flagship & sister properties next door. Understandably other restaurants in Paris must be are sick of hearing about the “11th” – it is getting the buzz, the hype, the press, the attention, and of course customers.

It is a vibrant colourful casual neighborhood, but there are still fantastic restaurants in the other arrondissements so don’t forget them.

However, it is hard not to be drawn towards the laid-back vibe, the lack of tourist sites and tourists, and of course all this natural wine drinking in places where you’ll bump into chefs, wine makers, foodies, geeks, etc. from all over the world to meet each other here and check out the food and wine scene.

I’ve plotted out the best of the best for including insider intel below:

Some restaurants and wine bars are owned by the same person taking up whole streets with flagship & site properties next door. Top suggestions are the Richard-Lenoir / Bastille outdoor market on Sunday morning, the classic Bistrot Paul Bert for steak-frites, their sister tapas wine bar/bottle shop Le Cave du Paul Bert next door, their sister restaurant L’Ecailler du Bistrot next door for oysters/lobster-frites, then Bertrand Grebaut & Theo Pourriat’s World’s 50 Best & star restaurant Septime (one of the hardest reservations in town), their sister seafood bar next door Clamato, their wine bar/bottle shop across the street Septime La Cave, followed by Brutos tapas & grilled steaks, duck pie at The Clown Bar, David Loyola’s rock and roll Aux Deux Amis tapas joint, Camille’s La Buvette Wine Bar/Bottle Shop, sisters Tatiana & Katia’s Le Servan, Inaki’s Chateaubriand wine bar Le Dauphin and Yard. Whew!

Hot Opening Coming Soon: The Clown Bar’s Chef Sota is opening on the rue St Hubert in September – which will be the hardest rez in town until next year. Stay tuned for opening details. Also, a branch of Terroirs d’Avenir is coming to the area.

Sidebar: If you are a visiting foodie, you want to rent an apartment here, sightsee Paris by day and then come back to the neighborhood, kick off your shoes, nap, shower and then take it easy walking from place to place.