Private Food + Wine Tours with Wendy Lyn


Get connected to the food scene with Wendy Lyn.

Known as the “Insider’s Insider” – Wendy is a straight-talking Southern food writer who earned her hard-won access to the international food & wine community from working as a PR & Restaurant Consultant to the some of the biggest chefs in the world and launching the first-ever USA Michelin Guide in NYC.

When this professional eater is not on epic eating trips with chefs in search of THE places to eat & drink or chronicling her eating & drinking adventures on Instagram, Food & Wine Magazine, Travel + Leisure, and The Travel Channel, she takes clients on her wildly popular private food tours in her favorite food city Paris, France.

Which Stories Will You Tell Your Friends About Where You Went, What You Learned, What You Ate, Drank + Who You Met?

Not a “tour” person? Wendy isn’t either. Like most of you, she is independent, doesn’t want to research the internet for hundreds of hours, or discover that her wish list of places to eat is closed on Sunday, etc.  She wants a local industry insider to get her to the right spots to eat & drink and meet fun like-minded people.

The food scene in Paris is one of a kind and so are you. So whether you are hip & trendy or more traditional – Wendy will put you in the know about what you want to know… and fast. You don’t need to spend hundreds of hours researching too much information on the internet – let her do the thinking and planning for you.

“Wendy is like being with your fab big sister” – The Sunday Times

These private, custom experiences are just for you & Wendy (more fun that way) so that you can dig in deeper, eat and drink what you want, linger, laugh, ask questions, and have casual spontaneous experiences that are not scripted. One layer at a time, you’ll start seeing and understanding things you wouldn’t have seen on your own. Not only will you gain tons of local knowledge, but you’ll also be eating & drinking like a pro in no time.

Register here: The tours sell out months in advance. If you don’t see your date available, send her a note at contactme (at) to see if she can squeeze you in.

Taste of Paris

10-3pm or 4-9pm Thurs - Sun

Tour details:

Paris, France is one of the greatest food cities in the world – with fresh food + wine everywhere thanks to its geographical lagoon location between the food & wine regions of France. I’ll take you to coffee roasters, sourdough bakeries, cocktail + natural wine bars, open-air food markets, and more. Along the way, I’ll introduce you to the chefs, restaurateurs, bartenders, and others in the food industry who are the new generation shaping the food scene in Paris.

1-4 ppl traveling together, 18+ yrs
TBD Custom Tour


When we got back to the states and saw the article in the WSJ, watched Anthony Bourdain’s 100th show, and read Hemisphere magazine we affirmed our believe that our 'Wendy time' took us to the center of the food universe! Our time with her was amazing!
-Peter G.

The best thing we did while in Paris was hire @parisismykitchen for a foodie tour. Wendy, a local New Orleanian, moved to Paris 28 years ago and became a pro on the Paris food scene. She doesn't just bring you to restaurants, she introduces you to the managers, chefs, waiters who have all become like… Read More

How do you make a trip to Paris even more memorable? Have Wendy Lyn give you a food & wine tour of Paris. We tasted our way through the 5th and 6th neighborhoods best bakeries, cheese, and wine bars while learning food culture. Wendy is an encyclopedia of Chefs and Restaurants and is happy to… Read More

Wendy As I'm sitting here on the plane waiting to head home I'm overwhelmed with happiness from our experience with you last night. I followed your Instagram and Facebook pages and read many of your articles and I knew after booking this tour it was going to be something special. As explained my husband &… Read More
-Sue & Jeff

Not only the was the tour a total learning experience, it was just plain fun. Wendy’s knowledge, delightful personality and connections made for quite the boring afternoon after our rock star morning with her. Within minutes of leaving her we were asking each other, "Can we hit rewind and do that again?"
-John and Michael

We are back in the states now after a wonderful trip to Paris, and I cannot ever begin to express my gratitude for your absolutely amazing tour and the phenomenal experience you provided for us. I had a "permagrin" for days after meeting you. I teared up several times during the tour with you because… Read More
-Bryan A.