NEWS you can eat & PEOPLE to know in paris

A city’s food & drink scene is as diverse as the diverse number of people who live, work and visit there.

Wendy Lyn

Simone Tondo is the New Chef of Racines

Simone Tondo is back in the kitchen as the new chef of Racines, Owner David Lahner’s beloved little bistrot on the historic Passages de Panoramas. Expect a la carte bistro dishes, in an intimate family-style vibe. Natural wines too.

Bertrand Grebaut: Septime

When L’Arpege alum Bertrand Grébaut opened Septime in 2012, he wasn’t trying to earn stars, accolades or celebrity clients – but it happened. Yet, for this acclaimed Chef, “stardom” is not why Bertrand gets up in the morning.

Joshua Fontaine, Adam & Carina Soto Tsou

Meet the visionaries behind Quixotic Projects: Adam Tsou, Joshua Fontaine and Carina Soto Tsou, the group owns the wildly popular venues Candelaria, Glass, Le Mary Celeste, Hero & Les Grands Verres.

Book: French Bistro

More than recipes – my friends Bertrand Auboyneau, Owner of Bistrot Paul Bert & French food critic Francois Simon book is a delicious must read and how-to guide for anyone dreaming of opening one.