Tour FAQ

What to know before you register for a tour

If you are kind, fun, open-minded, adventurous, curious and cannot wait to jump head first into French food culture while eating & drinking everything with Wendy – then you’ll get along like a house on fire… that’s splendidly to Southerners.

Please read through the following checklist of FAQ before you register.

You will be prompted to agree that you have read & agree to these “Terms & Conditions” upon payment check out.

Which tour is for you?

The morning private food & wine tours are for those of you short on time but still want the perfect taste of Paris via the bakery, cheese shop and wine bar experience.

The evening private food & wine bar tours are for those of you focused on soaking up the tapas & natural wine bar scene that you’ve been reading about.

What is included / not included

Morning – A fun informative 3-hour private tour, Wendy’s time, knowledge, organisation, coffee, breakfast pastries, cheese tasting, natural wine lesson and a great day out. The wine bar used to be included – until people were having such a great time they ate and drank their way past the point of the tour fee.

Wine Bar Tour – A fun informative 5-hour private tour, Wendy’s time, knowledge, organisation, natural wine lesson and a great night out. The wine bars used to be included – until people were having such a great time they ate and drank their way past the point of the tour fee.

What can you expect?

It depends upon you.

The tours are priced lower than previous years so that everyone has 100% complete freedom to order as little or as much as they want to eat & drink and not a pre-set budget for food & a glass of wine. You are adults. There is nothing fun about someone telling ya’ what you can & can’t eat & drink on your vacation.

Average prices: Small sharing plates & glasses of wine are from 5-12€. At bottle shops, you the choose the bottle at wholesale price (14-40€) and pay only a 7€ corkage fee to open it.

BY LAW, all institutions holding a liquor license MUST sell plates of food. You cannot go in for just a glass and leave. For this reason, speed-dating wine bars isn’t done – they take time to relax, get a flavour of them and then move on.

Alcohol, allergies & substitutions

The point of the experience is to eat & drink seasonal food to gain an authentic idea of French cuisine. French meals follow a rhythm in order through the main food groups: produce, seafood, white & red meat, accompanied by butter, bread, cheese and wine.

Wendy does her best to accommodate travelers with one legitimate food restriction/allergy, but it is not possible for Wendy to create an entire tour around those who choose not to eat certain food groups. Questions? Don’t hesitate to ask Wendy first.

For the morning tours, 30-minutes of the tour is devoted to wine.

I am traveling solo, can I join a group?

Because the tours are private for 2-4 people already traveling together, the registered travelers are specifically requesting to be alone with Wendy and not to have strangers join their group.

Physical limitations

You will be on your feet for the duration of the tour with few opportunities to sit. If you are not able to stand on your feet for long periods of time, the tours may not be suitable. If you have any questions, of course reach out to Wendy.

Same day international flight arrivals

Unless you’ve been on Europe time for a while prior to the tour, please do not reserve this tour on a same day international flight arrival. Wendy would rather meet you when you are refreshed and rested, not stressed about luggage, traffic, the hotel room not being ready, jet lag, no wifi to tell Wendy that you landed late, etc.

She’s seen & heard it all and it just not a good idea.

Are the tours for children?


Rave Reviews

When we got back to the states and saw the article in the WSJ, watched Anthony Bourdain’s 100th show, and read Hemisphere magazine we affirmed our believe that our ‘Wendy time’ took us to the center of the food universe! Our time with her was amazing!…– Peter G.

“If only there were a ‘Wendy’ in every major food city in the world…Barcelona, New York, Venice, London, etc. She’s that good.” – Steve and Molly

Yes, she is the most expensive private food tour out there but, wow, is she worth it. Within thirty seconds we realised we’d hit the jackpot with a star. She is a natural teacher, she opens your eyes in ways you didn’t think possible, she’ll put you in the know of the real Paris food world that you never knew existed so that you see Paris through different eyes for the rest of the trip. Cliché macarons? Forget it. Try drinking wine with chefs for lunch at a wine bar and cheese tastings that will blow your mind. She took two strangers (us), embraced them as if she’d known them the whole of her life, and educated them on le vie a Parisienne (et tout de France!) We still talk about the trip and for me it was the best birthday present ever. No WAY we are going back to Paris without another Wendy date.
-Anne and Luke

I’m ready to do a tour with Wendy, what next?

Its easy as 1-2-3.

1.) Check the calendar and time to see if the date is available. If it is, take it quickly as they tours sell out months in advance.

2.) You’ll be prompted to answer a few food & wine questions on the registration page. Here you can share as little or as much as you’d like about yourself – so that Wendy can incorporate your areas of interest into your time together. Reading your notes is a highlight for Wendy, as she usually discovers you have mutual friends.

3.) You will receive a one time confirmation immediately (to the email that you provide), with Wendy’s details, where to meet, etc.  Please stay on line and be sure you receive it either in your inbox or spam folder. No need to print it out or bring with you.

FYI: SAVE the info in your phone ASAP so you have it – as it cannot be resent on the fly. Wendy’s tech team put a LOT of time and resources into making sure that ALL confirmations & details are sent to the email you provide. If Wendy is in another country, she will not be able to resend your specific tour details from the road.

Where is my confirmation?

For some strange reason, “earthlink” or huge corporate addresses have a challenge with the server. If you haven’t received your confirmation sent to the email that you provided, please check your spam filter first and then send Wendy a message with an alternate email and telephone number. She’ll contact you as quickly as possible.

Cancelation Policy

Since the tours are scheduled around Wendy’s hectic travel schedule, all reservations are nonrefundable and cannot be rescheduled or exchanged because your space is being guaranteed for your private tour, no exceptions.

Wendy was unfortunately forced to draw a line after (just one example) flying in from Barcelona at dawn to meet clients for the day, only to discover they had stayed out all night & answered their phone with a casual, “Oh, was our tour today? We can be there in an hour.” Just no.

If you reserve it, she’ll be there – acts of God, transportation strikes and severe illness as exceptions.

Late arrivals beyond 15 minutes will be treated as no shows and canceled. You should be on the way 30 minutes before a scheduled tour.

If there is severe weather (heatwave, blizzard, lightening, etc.), you will be contacted in advance to reschedule or offer a refund. Cancelation policies also apply to any agreed upon rescheduled tour. If there is an emergency cancellation on Wendy’s end due to acts of God, transportation strikes and severe illness, refunds will made 30 days after the canceled tour.

Purchase of comprehensive insurance is strongly recommended so that if you need to cancel your trip due to unforeseen circumstances such as loss of job, illness, death, volcano ash clouds, strikes and etc. you will be covered. It only takes a few minutes to register through your credit card company.

You will be prompted to “Terms & Conditions” upon check out to acknowledge this policy and it will be enforced and documented in accordance to guidelines set forth by all credit card issuers & processors.