TOP PICKS in paris

My top picks for the best places to eat in Paris. You’ll find everything from casual bistrots & restaurants with top-notch food at affordable prices, quality raw oysters, hangover sandwiches, natural wine bars, late night industry hangouts, to street food, coffeehouses & more.


Le Saint Sebastien

We (Paris food industry who work nights) have been waiting MONTHS for the beautiful new Le Saint Sebastien to FINALLY open Thursday & Friday lunch so we can go.

cheval d'or Paris restaurant

Cheval d’Or

NEW OPENING! Industry darling Taku Sekine’s beautiful new French-Asian restaurant is the talk of the town. On opening night the house was packed with devoted friends, family & fans sharing everything on the menu.

Marche Enfants Rouges

Les Enfants Du Marché

HOT TABLE. Michael Grosman turned a tourist market stand into a wildly popular all-day natural wine bar restaurant with gorgeous food by Chef Masa Ikuta.

Natural Wine Bars Paris

Best Caves à Manger for Natural Wine

Caves à manger are fun little wine shops that serve small sharing plates with their wine. They are popular with Parisians as places to socialise during apero (short for aperitif) from 6-8:30pm before and (often) after dinner.

Best Paris Restaurants

Eat & Drink Paris by Neighborhood

Because you aren’t interested in every place to eat, only the places to eat, right now… these are my top picks / short list in each of Paris’ arrondissements.

What is open in Paris this summer

Paris Restaurants Open in August

Finding restaurants open during August can be a challenge. Then, finding good restaurants that are open takes a lot of effort. But no worries, I’ve done the leg work for you. Here’s the short list.

wendy lyn paris food tours

Small Plate Natural Wine Bars

If you only have 24 hours in Paris, these natural wine bars are a must. FYI that by law all wine bars must sell food with alcohol.

Clamato Paris Wendy Lyn

10 Paris Restaurants Not To Be Missed

When I am asked by foodie travellers who want to know where to eat, right, now, this is where I send them. Up Next? 10 Paris Wine Bars not to be missed.

Le Bel Ordinaire Wendy Lyn

Paris Restaurants Open On Monday

The million dollar question, isn’t what restaurants are open on Monday, but which good restaurants are open on Monday. #donotwasteameal